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Hubert von Goisern shakes the tradition of the Alps

Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, the great musician who gave birth Austria has left a number of masterpieces. From the same country, there is a man to sing a yodel lock that resound in the Alps. It is, it is Hubert von Goisern.
Hubert was born in Bad Goisern State in 1952, it was surrounded by forest and the Alps music grew up at the foot of the mountain. Boy of 5-year-old told the dream to so parents who "want to be a conductor," is, in the hands for the first time of the musical instrument trumpet born to be a 12-year-old, added to the brass band. But to participate in the orchestra at the age of 16, has long hair that extends until the shoulder is sentenced to a neck from the band leader of the unsuitable and after three years in the music.
At the time, blues, rock, Hubert, which had sought a stimulus to the pop music, then immerse yourself in the electric guitar. And, to make the first of the original songs, it formed a self of the band.
Music that shakes the heart. Blues of Taj Mahal, sitar of Ravi Shankar, musician who said lock of Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis jazz was a great influence on the young Hubert.
The majority of the twenties, South Africa, Canada, to live in the Philippines, smoked the world of air. Flamenco guitar in Toronto, nose flute (Noseflute) also learn.
"Had in those days, inquiring mind to the music traditions of other countries and cultures, was conducive to reject the question of to their own tradition. So, trying to rebuild the Alps music on my own when you are in the Philippines and I decided, "
then, studying the electronic acoustic experimental music at the Vienna University of Music, learn the accordion in 1986. And, the same year founded Wolfgang Sutaribahha and the "Alpinkatzen", caught the eye of scouts Man of CBS records when you're repeatedly Street Live, 1988, plays a somewhat record debut of the late-blooming in the 36-year-old.
In 1991, although the duo split, he formed the band "Hubert and his Alpinkatzen" in Salzburg. Blowing a new member who is fresh air, everyone has created one after another hits humming. The momentum leads to the tours not only in Austria, Paris, Texas, New York.
However, the band of closure in the last concert on November 1, 1994.
When it comes in 1996 visited Tibet, the West Africa, all that feel thing to hear his view what is also reflected in the creation, in was announced in 1998, "Inexil" the influence of Tibetan music was seen big.
In 2000, announced a comeback album, "Fön", the following year, tour the German-speaking the first time in seven years, to release a "Trad" a collection of folk music of Austria in April of the same year. A concert in Egypt before an audience of 15,000 people in 2002, then also Senegal, Cape Verde, and dared the tour of the Sarajevo, produced a "Trad II" and "Iwasig". Activities of Hubert has become active each time to increase the age. Speaking of the Austrian Alps. And, I yodel Speaking of the Alps. This singing method falsetto and natural voice is repeated alternately includes a transparent feeling reminiscent of the Alps just heard open feeling comfortable. Alpine rock of the male, is one of the important sound that does not also essential to the music of Hubert. In addition, Hubert's is continuing his musical career without rest either temporarily far, probably because no luck at all interested in music. Passion of flames continue to burn. Man to a new Austrian folk song. Shake vigorously tradition. Such Hubert was announced last year 21 th album "Federn". American Southern music and jazz on this album also said his roots and John Cage, Philip Glass, is revered to the revolutionaries of music said that Leonard Bernstein has been hidden. "Is the're concerned that the Atlantic ends up estranged the United States and Europe. But from experience, music believe me over surely bridge," as says, the album is different from American music at all shine clogged freshness to receive the impression as if the shoot. Yodel locker, Hubert von Goisern. His yodel and lock soul, poured a new essence to the United States of roots music, to play the folk music of Austria. Manhattan performances of March is likely enjoy the essence of the Alps-lock. (Hiroshi Kono)